Colchester Shotokan Karate Club

Colchester Shotokan Karate Club

Affiliated to the Toyakwai Karate Association


On the following pages (accessed from the links on the side bar) you will find some of the terminology used in Shotokan Karate, these lists are not exhaustive, but we hope will provide a foundation and may stimulate individual karate-ka to research further the terminology and development of Shotokan Karate.

Knowledge of karate terminology is an integral part of the grading syllabus at Colchester Shotokan Karate Club, 6th Kyu and above gradings use only Japanese terminology in the instructions.

Knowledge of some of basic terms allow the fundamentals of more complex instructions to be understood:

Age - Upper Rising, Hidari - Left,  Uke - Block, Gyaku - Reverse, Ashi - Leg

When combined as: Hidari Age Uke Gayaku Ashi would translate as Left side upper rising block, reverse leg.


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