Colchester Shotokan Karate Club

Colchester Shotokan Karate Club

Affiliated to the Toyakwai Karate Association

Grading Syllabus

Students are eligible to take grading examinations after set periods of training.

Kyu gradings are conducted by a panel our own instructors, there is a defined grading syllabus for all levels.

Black belt gradings are conducted away from the club by a panel of senior instructors from the Toyakwai Karate Association.

There are 9 grades below Black Belt. These are known as Kyu grades.

Each Kyu Grade is represented by a differently coloured belt, as follows:

Grade Belt Colour

Novice - White

White Belt
9th Kyu - Red Red Belt
8th Kyu - Orange Orange Belt
7th Kyu - Yellow
6th Kyu - Green Green Belt
5th Kyu - Purple Purple Belt
4th Kyu - Purple with 1 White Stripe Purple & White Stripe
3rd Kyu - Brown Brown Belt
2nd Kyu - Brown with 1 White Stripe Brown & White Stripe
1st Kyu - Brown with 2 White Stripes Brown & 2 white stripes
1st to 10th Dan Black Belt

It takes at least three months (20 lessons) of regular training to successfully pass each grade, with six months (40 lessons) between 2nd and 1st Kyu.

We arrange Club gradings every three to four months, students are only entered into gradings when the instructors believe they are ready and most importantly when the student feels ready.

Gradings are a formal examination of the skills and knowledge obtained during training, they become more difficult as the student progresses to achieving a Black Belt.

Each grades syllabus is structured to build on the proceeding grading and to incorporate new techniques introduced in either of the three core disciplines - Kihon (fundamental techniques), Kata (formal exercises) and Kumite (sparring). Through the structure of the grading syllabus the students development and understanding of karate can be assessed. Gradings from 6th Kyu onwards use Japanese terminology, 9th - 7th Kyu gradings use instructions in Japanese and English.

Students are assessed not only on technical ability, effort and sprit displayed are also a key criteria.

As the student progresses to 5th kyu and above a demonstrable understanding of the techniques and terminology is essential. Awareness of timing in both Kata and Combination work should also be demonstrated.

We are proud of our 100% record of passes at T.K.A Dan gradings, this has been achieved through the hard work of our students, and a structured syllabus that ensures students passing our 1st Kyu grading would not be out of place at a 1st Dan grading.